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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing enables you to create highly targeted campaigns that stand a very high chance of success and prospect to customer conversion.

Brand new marketing techniques allow you to craft campaigns that are immediate, personal to the recipient, actionable and measurable. With the rapid growth of web-enabled mobile devices, mobile marketing is now one of the most important ways in which you can take your products and services to market.

With mobile marketing you can reach your customers wherever they are in a way that is more relevant than any other medium. You can target individuals at a specific time or at a specific place or in a way that is special to that individual.

We carry our mobile phone with us everywhere we go. Executed well, a successful mobile campaign will enable you to reach your audience wherever they are in a timely, appropriate and welcomed way.

In mobile marketing the disciplines of one-to-one targeting, creative design and mobile technology combine to offer an unrivalled means of communicating and receiving feedback from existing and potential customers.

World Mobi can help you understand the potential for mobile marketing and how you can integrate these new marketing techniques into your marketing mix. From SMS response campaigns to social media integration, from mobile promotions to microsites, World Mobi can help you to grow your business.

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