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Mobile Destination Marketing

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JoburgRocks.mobiIn a very short space of time, the mobile web has rapidly become one of the primary means of accessing information.
Increasingly, more Google searches are made on the mobile than on the desktop and in a few years time the mobile will overtake the desktop as the predominant global tool for web access.
This presents an incredible opportunity for destinations to promote themselves to the widest audience possible.
Visitors, travel planners and locals on the move are looking for information on their mobile today … hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, events ... and their numbers will grow month by month as more and more web enabled phones are adopted.
If your destination is only offering a desktop site then travellers and visitors are likely to give up and choose a more user-friendly mobile site where they can access information quickly and easily.
Mobile users want and expect a different type of experience such as telephone numbers that are ‘click to call’ or ‘call me back’.

World Mobi has extensive experience in creating destination guides and directories for the mobile web.
World Mobi sites are simple to use, easy to navigate and will keep visitors and locals coming back to your mobile site time and again.
We have built numerous destination guides worldwide, enabling users to quickly find information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, opening times, events and contact information. All locations are linked to interactive maps to enable users to quickly find their way.
Most importantly, we work with you to ensure that your destinations look, branding, colour and content is presented as effectively as possible.
This is the beginning. Your mobile site should be integrated into your existing marketing and communications strategy and can be used as a platform for promotions, exclusive travel deals and information updates.

Talk to us to discover how World Mobi can help make your destination a success.

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