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Integrated Mobile & Desktop Solutions for Destinations

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Our integrated mobile and desktop solutions mean that visitors will have a consistent user experience. Destinations can have full control via our dedicated content management system or let World Mobi manage site updates.

Key benefits

A consistent user experience on both mobile and desktop web sites
World Mobi provides a destination mobile site and a destination web site that both mirror one another. Information is consistent across both channels. Branding, look and feel remain coherent to the user.

Option to update your content in-house or have World Mobi do it for you
Destinations can decide how they wish to keep their content up to date. World Mobi can provide a fully featured CMS (Content Management System) for the destination to update their site themselves. Alternatively, you send us the changes and we’ll make the updates for you.

No data, no problem
No content or directory data? World Mobi can work with destinations to develop content (places to see, things to do etc) and add directory data, either from our own global database or by importing data you provide. We can even key data manually from hardcopy sources if no electronic data currently exists.

Key Features

World Mobi Integrated Destination Marketing (IDM) is a platform from which destinations can manage all visitor content through desktop and mobile channels. Each destination can choose which search categories they would like to see on their site and every site is branded with the look, feel, colours and logos of the destination.

There are three key components to the solution:

  1. Provision of a mobile site optimized to work on all web enabled mobile devices
  2. Provision of a desktop site
  3. Provision of a dedicated content management system to keep both sites current simultaneously

Category options include:

  1. About
    • Fast Facts
    • Geography
    • History and Culture
    • Weather
  2. Travel Information
    • Getting Here
    • Getting Around
  3. Events
  4. Maps
  5. News
  6. Blog
  7. Special Offers
  1. Directory
    • Accommodation
    • Restaurants
    • Entertainment
    • Nightlife
    • Shopping
    • Sport
    • Attractions
    • Landmarks
    • Museums
    • Galleries
    • Educational
    • Nature
    • Day trips
    • Highlights
    • Selected itineraries
  1. Tools
    • Currency Convertor
    • Translator
  2. Gallery
    • Photos
    • Slide Show
    • Video
  3. Contact Us

The destination may choose as many or as few of these options as they require. Alternatively, they may wish to commence with a number of key categories and then add additional category information over time.

The solution is structured to enable destinations to have as much or as little to do with the overall running of the sites as they wish.

A ‘hands on’ destination may wish to have as much control as possible, using the CMS on a daily basis to load new hotels, events etc as the information becomes available. They may already have an existing desktop site from which content can easily be transferred into the new application or may perhaps only require the mobile element of the solution and continue to maintain their desktop site separately.

Alternatively, a destination may not even have a functioning desktop site let alone a mobile site and may only have information available in hardcopy form. Or they may have data available but not have the manpower or inclination to keep the sites updated themselves. World Mobi’s data team can cater for this scenario to ensure that all destinations can benefit from an integrated solution, whatever their existing capabilities may be.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your destination.

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